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Notion Brain is a comprehensive system designed to capture your notes, tasks, projects, and resources into a single central hub.

Start Building Your Notion Brain

The only Notion template you need to use Notion as your Second Brain — based on the PARA system by Tiago Forte.


"I've worked with iNotion on many projects and I have to say that he's one of the most knowledgeable and creative Notion professionals I've met. His templates are top notch and his Notion and productivity expertise are amazing!"

Stop feeling scattered.

With Notion Brain, say no more to jumping between different software for saving new ideas, tasks, or web bookmarks.

Feel in control of your work and life.

Second Brain builds on a proven organization method, PARA, developed by leading productivity expert Tiago Forte.


Manage projects which are series of tasks with a deadline e.g. writing an essay, launching a new product.

Areas of life

Use areas to group related projects and goals together e.g. personal finance, self-development, online business.


Collect resources which are needed to complete tasks and projects e.g. tutorial videos, software, templates.


Archiving helps you eliminate clutter by putting aside completed or inactive items that you no longer need to actively work on.

"Building a Second Brain gives you the confidence to tackle your most important projects and ambitious goals."

Tiago Forte

Efficiency & Productivity Expert, Author of Book "Building a Second Brain"

Effortlessly Manage Your Tasks

Simple drag-and-drop rescheduling and weekly plan visualization.

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Stop feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do.

Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to a well-structured and easily accessible workspace with Notion Brain.


"iNotion is a truly exceptional Notion Creator whose expertise and innovation I admire. Notion Brain is a product I love the most from iNotion. Everything from the idea to the solution is beautifully packed and shipped."

Customize it to your needs.

Add pre-built components for habit tracking, goal tracking, and journaling to personalize your workspace for increased productivity.

Tutorials & support community.

With Second Brain, you'll get access to an exclusive community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and receive updated tutorials.

Plus, our getting started video will help you get up and running with Notion Brain in no time.


No subscriptions. One price for lifetime access.

Notion Brain

For Individuals

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✓ All-in-one dashboard ✓ Tutorials and documentation ✓ Lifetime access to updates

Notion Brain

For Serious Individuals, Companies & Businesses


✓ Everything in Notion Brain ✓ Finance Tracker ✓ Unlimited Notion cloud storage ✓ Habit tracker ✓ Workout tracker

Hey, I'm James

I'm a Notion Certified Creator behind this Notion Brain template. In my 3 years of experience, I've sold over 8,000+ Notion templates. I'm dedicated to helping students, creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone in between improve their productivity and streamline their work with Notion. I've spent over 6 months experimenting with the best productivity setup in Notion, so you don't have to. By studying proven productivity methods, I created this Notion Brian system, an all-in-one solution that worked the best in almost every other use case.

The Notion Certified badge symbolizes the vast individual knowledge of Notion.

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Start building your Notion Brain.

Manage your knowledge, tasks, projects, and notes in an all-in-one workspace.


"What iNotion has built here is just fantastic! And I don't just mean the aesthetic structure of the template, but the idea behind the whole template. The template is exactly something for you. It has helped me to organize and plan my life in a way, I haven't seen anywhere else before. Well done!"



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